When the world goes mad and we seem to be living on a post-apocalyptic earth….


I must admit that it is very weird to live in the conditions we are in at the moment. You stay home for weeks on end seeing not a soul beyond your direct family. Then, when you do go out, it’s an enormous process.

  • Do you have your mask?

  • Do you have hand sanitiser?

  • Do you have antibacterial wipes? (Yes, I know it’s a virus, but I can smell the alcohol on the wipes so that can’t be totally useless)
  • Have you got your concise shopping list so that you can enter, zoom through the shop and get out (back to the relative safety of your four walls)?

  • Do you have enough sanitiser to wipe down all the purchases that can’t stay in your car for at least 3 days?

I’ve seen enough movies of a devastated earth and the people going to great lengths to survive to recognise that we are THERE! What crazy times we are in.


Well, what do you do when you are in the throes of such insanity?

Apparently, we learn to bake. In South Africa where the lockdown includes a restriction on the sale of alcohol, we learn to brew pineapple beer or apple cider. People basically discover a new and loving relationship with yeast products.

Yes, even me. I have been baking up a storm and will be bottling my first apple cider tomorrow.


But what I actually have done is create even more stuff (as if there isn’t already too much littering my home.) What can I say? I can’t help myself.

Because Easter fell within lockdown, I started off by making some Easter bunnies. These were fun to make but didn’t keep me busy for long enough so I had to find my next project.


I then  decapitated a horse and made a chubby centaur (the horse body required a chubby man body. Don’t blame me.)


After this I have completely lost track of the order of what I made. The creative madness includes:

A dopey, colourful, long lashed bird made from an empty wine bottle.

A sweet windswept witch clutching her broomstick.

A tall, also colourful steampunk lady (whom my friend insists looks like a modern bride).

A muscular and quite jaunty looking American Indian man taking a walk.

The list goes on. I can’t even remember what I have done.


Oh yes, and of course, I recorded a course that will be aired By Curious Mondo during June. This is seriously exciting.I’m not sure if you know about them. But Curious Mondo is an art online teaching platform. They are viewed by people from all over the WORLD, and I’m going to be featured during their Fibre Symposium. This is a week long FREE event featuring more than 30 artists (including me, in case you haven’t worked it out yet). Go to this link to sign up to watch FOR FREE and see some amazing tricks and techniques relating to all things fibre:  https://ty104.isrefer.com/go/fas2020/BrendaHelfrich. I honestly think that this ranks as one of the most exciting things I have ever done.

What’s more, you can also create wonderous garden sculptures using fabric and awesome Paverpol products. I am the sole distributor in South Africa and I have a few DIY kits available too. I’ll be expanding the number of kits available soon and will also be including an optional video “how to” that you will be able to purchase with the kit. Presently I have a detailed description for you to follow on your own. We will have to do a lot more things in the safety of our homes. Why not make something that you can enjoy for years to come while you’re about it?

Well, that’s all for me for now. I need to go and look for a new recipe using yeast. I can’t neglect the new love affair I have with the stuff now, can I?