The other day I went to my friendly clay supplier (an extremely gifted ceramic artist herself) when I spied this darling little set. There is the tea pot, sugar basin and milk jug and they are just too sweet for words. I could immediately imagine how they would look painted and glazed. Once I got them back to my work shop, they totally changed their minds and decided to get adorned with blue and yellow flowers. My goodness, their sweetness just increased by a whole lot!

They are ceramic and painted and glazed with blue and yellow flowers and plenty of green leaves. All of my work is signed (bah).

The little tea pot is about 4" (10cm) tall including the lid with the largest diameter about 3½" (9cm)and around 5½" (14cm) from the tip of the spout to the back of the handle.

The little milk jug is about 2½" 6cm) tall with a 2¼" (5½cm) diameter and about 3½' (8cm) from spout to the back of the handle.

The little sugar basin is about 1-3/4" (4cm) tall with a diameter of 2½" (6½cm).

Please note, this set does not include any cups and saucers. They are available elsewhere in my shop.