One day while I was doing pottery, this snooty lady arrived and the next thing I knew, she was looking out of the plate at me with a look of disdain. I didn't invite her. She just pushed herself forward and onto the plate. When I looked again, she was there. I don't have this happen often enough and rejoice when it does. I was a little unnerved by the piercing, green eye looking at me as though she thought I were her butler or poodle or something.

I know that she is looking for a home and when she finds it, you will not be able to say "no". All resistance will be futile but once she moves in, you will never want her to leave.

The only way you will let her leave is if you give her, with love, to someone very special (like your mom, perhaps).

The plate she arrived on is 6½" (17cm) in diameter and is glazed ceramic. Obviously she is totally unique and will always be only one of a kind. I signed the plate just as a reminder that she first appeared to me.

The stand in the picture is not included but was used only for display purposes.