Chief Jospeh the Younger of the Nez Perce.

After finding the photograph of Chief Joseph, I decided to do a little research about his life. What a man! The wisdom of his speeches and the compassion I could sense pouring from him reminded me of another of my heroes, Nelson Mandela. His love for his people and his obvious respect and reverence for his land was almost palpable. His courage as a leader with his commitment to non violence impressed me. I too felt his disappointment in the many betrayals of the treacherous white men he came into contact with. When I read stories like his, I am almost embarrassed to be white. 

As has been the case with all previous drawings I have done of Native Americans, it is the sense of life in his face that I fell in love with. I can clearly see that he has had his fair share of sadness, laughter and love but a clear streak of stubbornness runs through there too. I get the sense of a strong character and a life truly lived.

The drawing is executed in brown pencil on corn colored paper and every line was drawn with love.

The page is 20" wide x 25" tall (51cm x 64cm)

He would love for you to buy him so that he may spend many happy years watching over you and your nearest and dearest.