Little fairy with green eyes and dressed in green sitting and looking straight out of the picture. Original oil painting on small box canvas.

Canvas size:
6" x 6" (15cm x 15cm)
1½" deep (3.8cm)

I have always loved fairies! I am quite convinced that they gather in a little protected area in my back garden on moonlit nights. How else would you explain the sudden arrival of toadstools in little rings every so often?

This little fairy is one of the cheekier ones, I believe. She's the one who is always getting into trouble with the resident grasshoppers. Oh, and don't try to tell her what to do. She has a mind of her own and a defiant look in her eye. But don't confuse having a mind of her own with selfishness. She has a heart of gold and spreads happiness and laughter wherever she goes.

I hope that if you decide to acquire her and bring her into your home, she will spread love and joy to all who see her there. Just please promise that you will NEVER try to tame her or you will surely break her spirit.