Homeless man after a photo by Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries is a self-taught photographer on a self-funded crusade using social media to disseminate his powerful images and raise awareness and donations for the homeless.
He didn’t want to exploit these people or steal photographs of them like so many other photographers who had seen the homeless as an easy target. In an effort to make intimate portraits, Jeffries would try to connect with each person on an individual basis first. “I need to see some kind of emotion in my subjects,” Jeffries says. “I specifically look at people’s eyes—when I see it, I recognize it and feel it—and I repeat the process over and over again.”

I absolutely love his photography and cannot stop myself from trying to drawhis wonderful portraits
The drawing is executed in white and brown pencil on rough orange heavy guage paper and every line was drawn with love.
The page is 40" wide x 25" tall (102cm x 64cm)